All You Need To Know About Flea Control

Fleas are one of the most popular blood-sucking pests that spent more than 50 million years. Their presence causes discomfort or stress in day-to-day life and mostly they target your innocent pets. So, don’t worry about fleas control. We would like to share with you some important things which you need to know about fleas for fleas control.

Flea Control
  1. Only 5% of fleas attack animals: You might be thinking that all fleas attack animals but it is one of the myths which is totally wrong. Only 5% of fleas live on the animal, while the other 95% live in the environment where other animals live. The fleas mostly love to live in moist or warm areas, like in carpets, beds, or pillows, and especially the bed of your pet. If you are treating your pet only for fleas control and ignoring the environment, then it will not work. For fleas control, you need to keep inspecting your home environment. If fleas will get favourable conditions to live they are going to be an all-year-round problem for you.
  2. Flea lays 50 eggs per day: Yes, you got it right! A female flea lays 50 eggs per day which means in no time, they can increase their population. The egg-laying phase of female fleas starts after 36 hours of infestation. Until then, they keep sucking the blood of your pets. And a female flea lays around 1,350 eggs in her whole life period. So, now you might be aware that you cannot take flea infestation lightly. As soon as they infest you need to do pest treatment in your home. For identifying, you can check for shiny shells falling from your pet’s hair.
  3. Pupae survival: Flea eggs generally 5 to 10 days to hatch, though their hatching time depends on several factors like humidity or temperature. After hatching, their larvae shed their skin twice which takes around 5 to 10 days more. They eventually avoid coming in contact with direct sunlight to avoid dryness. And especially when their body is maturing to another stage of being an adult. If fleas get suitable conditions, then they can survive for more than 140 days. So, you should do fleas control. 
  4. Fleas are generally located around the neck, behind the ears, or ears: For identifying fleas infestation, you should regularly comb your pets regularly. You should check or comb all the areas properly like their neck, behind the ears, or ears as the fleas are generally located or live in these areas. These areas are the warmest areas of the body. So, you should give more focus on these areas for fleas control. The most common sign you will be able to notice after their infestation is that your pets will keep scratching or itching and also rashes on their skin as well as their hair fall will also increase.


So, these are some of the most important things which you need to know about fleas for doing fleas control properly.