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Borers are bugs that harm the timber in houses. They cause damage to antique furniture such as floors, bearers, beams, and roofing planks, and also useful timbers. Borer dust, escape tunnels, and grass in your home or business are a daily sight, it is sure evidence that your timber has been infested by borers. Borers wreaked havoc on the pine woodwork flooring and furnishings. This really is due to the small caterpillars called borers emerging inside the woodwork and nibbling their way out, resulting in the thinning and eventual breakdown of the furniture. 

This perfectly explains why borer control in St Kilda is so important. Pest Control St Kilda is a prominent professional company with borer control St Kilda team and provides comprehensive borer elimination treatment. Our borer exterminators always utilize the finest tactics to keep them out of your home and business. The extent of destruction they wreak to your expensive furniture is fairly obvious. Moreover, you can hire us 24/7. So, ping us when in need. 

The Borer Control Methods We Use To Eliminate Them From Your Property

  • Treating The Spot

It is among the most effective in-house wood borer control solutions in St Kilda. All our experts do is keep an eye on the dampness of the wood by providing appropriate ventilation. Furthermore, the use of exterior coatings including oils, urethane, and liquid sealants keeps away moisture from the timber and prevents borers from infiltrating it.

  • Treatments for Surface

When the invasion is limited to just a few wood panels, we use this surface treatment. This solution prevents any borer from entering the furnishings.

  • Maximum temperature

This is really a good approach for little pieces of furniture. Here are controllers Cover your equipment in plastic and refrigerate it for about 2 weeks. After then, take it out and wrap it until it reaches room temperature. This procedure keeps white marks from condensing on the timber.

  •  Using Repellents

To eliminate borer bugs in structures, sterilizing chemicals and insecticides are used. For this, combine Timber and water. Borer treatment is another option. It is a solvent that has stronger wood penetration and may remain in place for years, keeping borer bugs from infiltrating.

  • Sterilization

It’s both expensive and difficult. Only a professional pest removal specialist, such as borer control St Kilda, should attempt it. The infiltration of antibacterial spray destroys the bugs and rids your furnishings of pests.

Our services are available in both business and residential locations

Wood Borers can ruin your business as well as your house. We strongly advise professional borer controllers to eliminate this pest and avoid additional invasions. It is your responsibility as a boss to protect your company from borers, which you can accomplish by contacting our specialists on 03 4050 7852 for regular borer evaluations. You can engage us for a variety of locations, including colleges, private houses, residential districts, clinics, and businesses. With lasting pest management solutions that use slashing technology, we assist to safeguard your staff and consumers from the hazards of borer epidemic diseases while minimizing various risks.

Why hire our borer extermination experts for borer control?

  • Our company has been in the borer management business for a long time.
  • The local policy recognizes and qualifies us to provide countrywide insect and borer insect control treatments.
  • Our borer removal strategy is both modern and ecologically friendly.
  • We assure you that the borer outbreak will be eradicated and that it would not return.
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Are borers as dangerous as termites?

Yes, borers can be as destructive as termites.

Are there any extra charges if I want to hire you on weekends?

No, the charges are the same. There are no extra charges to hire us on weekends.

Are your treatments eco-friendly?

Yes. we offer affordable borer control treatments.

Borer Control St Kilda
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