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We are your experts for bird-proofing your property in St Kilda 

Are you looking for experts in bird control in St Kilda? Our company is the right choice for you. Birds can become a serious problem sometimes. For example – for people living in coastal areas or near the beach. It might become a huge hassle every day. Therefore, if they are not effectively treated. This might cause a roadblock to businesses and homes. 

The only solution is to call a professional bird pest control. Pest Control St Kilda is one of the popular bird control service companies. Our bird control St Kilda team is trained to treat birds with caution. And provide the best bird proofing solutions. Bird proofing is nothing but removing bird pests from premises. And preventing birds from nesting and roosting in homes. Therefore, professional help is a must. For reliable bird control, dial our toll-free number 03 4050 7852 today! 

How can bird proofing solar panels be helpful?

Solar panels are an essential unit at homes and offices. It saves a lot of electricity and energy. Likewise, it’s one of the most environmentally friendly solutions. But birds can become a problem with solar panels. 

  • Firstly, they cause damage to the solar panels. Pigeons are a very common example. They might nest under the solar panels. And moreover, they are stubborn enough to leave.
  • Secondly, solar panels are harmful to birds. Thousands of birds die due to solar panel accidents. For example – they fly towards the concentrated sunlight. Therefore, such a landing causes them to burn. 
  • Lastly, bird poop is also harmful to solar panels. Because the droppings block the sunlight. Hence, the efficiency of the solar panels is reduced. 

But no need to worry. Bee control St Kilda has a solution to this. To keep you and the birds safe. We offer reliable bird proofing services. Our team will install mesh around the panels. And will also keep powerful bird deterrents near the panel. This will prevent birds from burning. And will cause no harm to the panels as well. 

Bird proofing your property can bring great advantages 

Different types of birds are found in St Kilda. For example – common starlings, feral pigeons, house sparrows, common mynas, seagulls and swallows. Every bird requires different baits to trap them. Hence, bird control is not an easy process. Therefore, professional bird proofing is a necessary service. The bird removal services offered by bird control St Kilda experts are unique and highly efficient. It comes with many advantages. Here are some of the reasons to choose bird proofing for your premises – 

  • Firstly, save your buildings and infrastructure. Birds can cause damage to walls and decks. Especially during the breeding cycle. 
  • Secondly, bird droppings are a great blockage. It can affect many areas. For example – air conditioning units, walkways, railings, roofs and other areas. 
  • Birds also cause health issues. The droppings of birds carry the serious disease-causing fungus. 
  • Moreover, birds bring along mites and lice into homes. Hence, this can become a huge problem for pets. Hence, we offer bird proofing mesh as a reliable solution. 

Prevent such problems by hiring the best bird control professionals. Our bird control St Kilda team will provide the best bird proofing services. Hence, we offer pigeon pest control, bird nest removal and bird deterrents for gardens.  

We have affordable prices to bird proofing in St Kilda 

A lot of work involves bird proofing. But, we offer all these benefits at lower and affordable prices. These are some of the services our customers choose – 

  • Bird baiting services are a common method. Firstly, we pre-feed the birds for a few days. In this way, we bring all the birds to one specific place. And we relocate them to a safer premise.
  • Bird trapping is another way of bird proofing. We use cages to do this. For instance – we also use bird spikes, bird wires, bird coils, bird barriers, netting methods, bird proofing roof services and the daddi long leg method. 

These are some of the effective bird proofing techniques. Moreover, they are easy to implement. Hence, trust our bird control St Kilda services and enjoy bird free homes today.  Also, our bird nest removal costs are very affordable. 

Why choose our bird control experts in St Kilda?

  • Effective bird control methods – Our company is the ideal choice for bird proofing. As we use effective methods such as – bird repellers, bird deterrents, and other bird pest control products. 
  • High quality and reliable products – Moreover, we use products that are of great quality. They will not cause any harm to the premise. As well as the birds. 
  • Keep our customers on top priority – We meet all the individual requirements. Our goal is to provide the best bird proofing to everyone in St Kilda. 
  • Timely services and availability – Lastly, our customer care is available all round the clock. Also, our team is quick and will always arrive on time. Therefore, the bird pest control services our bird control St Kilda team offers are trustable. 
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What are the common bird pets to look out for in St Kilda?

Firstly, St Kilda is known for its beaches. Hence, the presence of bird pests is of no question. The common bird pests we come across are – Pigeons, seagulls, Indian Myna’s, Starlings and sparrows. 

Which are the types of bird infestations that are harmful? 

There are three main categories of birds – roosting, loafing and nesting. Bird roosting is a term for the settling of birds. Whereas, bird loafing is a term for birds that always bring groups of other birds with them. This increases the possibility of damages.

What type of diseases and infections are commonly spread by bird pests?

The bird pests are capable of spreading harmful diseases and viruses. Here are some of the common ones – 
– Ornithosis 
– Parathyphoidṣ fever
– Salmonellosis
– Histoplasmosis

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